I feel privileged to introduce you to a cutting-edge approach to wellbeing. I draw on scientifically proven methods from positive psychology, neuroscience, integrative medicine, nutrition, and the contemplative and yogic traditions to address the entirety of the human person—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. My teaching and coaching rest at the intersection of the mind’s influence on the body and the body’s influence on the mind, and how their interaction can be leveraged for wellbeing.

“Flourishing” is the term used to describe individuals who are living lives filled with meaning, growth, connection, resilience, and positive emotion. Sadly, research demonstrates less than 20% of the US population is flourishing. Most of us are just getting by, skimming the surface of our lives and our potential.

I guide individuals towards flourishing by making step-by-step changes to their beliefs, thoughts, and self-care behaviors at a pace that is comfortable and sustainable. The human person is an integrated system, so as you start to integrate changes in one area of your life, you will naturally start to move forward in others, creating an upward spiral. Over time, we address the totality of practices and mental habits you need for enduring peace and happiness.

We are a species evolved to thrive on kindness and compassion. Consequently, the way we relate to ourselves—whether kind and supportive or harsh and critical— powerfully affects our brain patterns and resulting success or failure in navigating lifestyle change. Through my approach, your self-care motivation emerges from the deepest, most joyful part of your being and the desire to live fully. Take your time exploring my website, philosophy, and services. Let me know how I can support you and your community in flourishing!



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