Working with Kayleigh was the best investment in my wellbeing that I have ever made. Kayleigh introduced me to tools and techniques to become more resilient, with immediate results and lasting applicability. What started as a series of exercises shifted my thinking and evolved into a new way of interacting with life. I have maintained my gains for more than a year.         Tatiana, Lawyer & Photographer

Kayleigh has completely changed my life. I am so thankful for everything she has helped me work through. I’m in love with life, and I am in love with the person I am. Words are simply not enough to describe what an impact she has had on my wellbeing. I am forever grateful. Life is so good. I never knew…I really never knew…and now every day is a step in a beautiful direction. Thank you.                                                                    Richard, Creative Designer

I am so grateful for Kayleigh’s guidance and introducing me to positive psychology. It has proven to be even more inspiring than I anticipated and has fundamentally reshaped my everyday thinking, my compassion for others and myself. She is truly a gifted teacher and I hope many more will be inspired by her work, as it will truly make the world a better place.
Charlotte, Human Resources

Meeting and working with Kayleigh has truly changed my life. She opened my eyes to simple truths about health and wellness. She showed me how to open the door to a new way of being me. I now approach my life with a great deal of self-compassion and I have reframed my life in a more positive and wholehearted way. As a direct result of working with Kayleigh, I have lost almost 30 lbs and it keeps coming off in a very healthy and unstressful manner. I keep Kayleigh in my heart everyday.
Beth, Sales Manager

For me, working with Kayleigh has been transformative. I arrived in her office vaguely wanting to lose weight for my upcoming wedding, and mostly feeling like something was just wrong. I felt off. I was anxious and stressed, and I realized later, living constantly by what I thought I should do in so many situations. I was completely out of touch with what I actually wanted in my life. With Kayleigh’s unbounded (and very real) positivity, I am a genuinely happier, more alive person. She gave me tools that I can constantly call upon to deal with anxiety (which I don’t even really feel anymore). Through her thoughtful, careful questions, exercises and meditations, I found a more honest place–I changed careers, I know what I really want now, the world feels more open, and I’m not so caught up on others’ approval. I can’t imagine not having Kayleigh in my life.
Brooke, Sustainable Food Chef & Writer

I came to Kayleigh because I was really frustrated by a regime of starvation diets and compulsive cardio exercising that I endured since my teens. In a relatively short period of time, I discovered that it was possible to lose weight without starving myself through her unique style of exercise combined with her nutrition coaching. I lost two full pant sizes and 7 pounds. At the same time I was gaining long sexy muscle in my arms, abs, legs, and bum. Not only do my cloths fit better than ever, but I never feel hungry and my mood is great.

My results prove that working with her is the best thing that you can do for yourself.
Mar, Ph.D.

Kayleigh’s approach to health is the source of energy, stamina, and mental strength in my life. What makes Kayleigh unique is that she educates her clients on the effects of different movements, proper posture, balance, breathing, and mindfulness. The way I carry myself has completely changed. I find her teaching to target both body and mind in one complete, exhilarating, energizing, self-loving package.
Nikta, Ph.D.

“By working with Kayleigh, I lost weight over the holidays! She helped me develop a clear picture of where I wanted to be and how I was going to get there. It was very helpful to breakdown and analyze these seemingly simple things. And the mindfulness eating exercises we did together calmed my mindless snacking during my demanding days at the law firm. I always gain weight over the holidays, but not this year.
Haily, Lawyer

Kayleigh Pleas is the most contagiously positive person I have ever met. When I started seeing her, I was depressed and had gained weight. I saw myself as inferior to everyone and everything because I was struggling. Kayleigh helped me transform my vision of myself. She helped me realize that I have a lot to offer, and over time, I came to value myself and take better care of my body. With Kayleigh’s guidance, I pushed myself to follow my passions and do things that nourish and fulfill me.

Kayleigh’s caring and positive outlook has become a part of how I see the world. I have made so much progress in multiple aspects of my life since I first started seeing her over one year ago, and I am so grateful to her.
Rachel, College Student

I cannot express how working with Kayleigh has changed my life. What I thought was merely about weight transformed into gentle lessons about how to care for and nourish myself. Through Kayleigh’s know-how in nutrition and working through the emotional reasons I ate and treated my body so poorly, I’ve lost 73 lbs and counting and have a whole new outlook on life, love and wellness. Plus, I’m happy. I will take the lessons Kayleigh has taught me and use them to care for myself for the rest of my life. The gifts she has given me are truly priceless.
Kristin, Fashion Writer