Nutrition Coaching

“The inescapable reality is that food creates chemical changes that affect our emotions, and our emotions create chemical changes that affect our food cravings - creating a cycle that can be amazingly enlivening or devastatingly incapacitating for body, mind, and spirit.”
— Deborah Kern, Ph.D.

Nutrition coaching typically takes place over the course of six months, which studies show is the time it takes to integrate and maintain lifestyle change. As your coach, I provide you with the knowledge, inspiration, and lifestyle practices you need to upgrade your way of eating for a lifetime. My approach is based on the following principles:

What we eat matters. The food we put into our bodies provides the raw materials for our blood cells, tissues, bones, and brains. Food powerfully communicates with your body to affect everything from hormone balance to gene expression. Given the proper environment, your body has the power to heal itself and renew the fullness of life you were born to experience. Together, you and I will explore how food communicates with your brain and body, empowering you to make choices from a place of deep self-understnading and care.

The abundance of nutrition advice is overwhelming. We are a culture confused and paralyzed when it comes to our food choices because there is simply too much conflicting research. Should I eat vegan or Paleo? Macrobiotic or Ayurvedic? If you want to throw your hands up in the air, you are not alone. Together, you and I will explore the theory and research behind both Eastern and Western approaches to nutrition and develop a way of eating that is appropriate for your unique constitution and lifestyle.

Food is both a source of nutrition and pleasure. Meals rest at the heart of culture for a reason: Food is a way of sharing in life’s pleasures and building community. When we subscribe to an overly-rigid diet, we miss out on the other sources of nourishment in our lives. Together, you and I will develop a way of eating that not only optimally supports your body, but also serves your values. Cheers to greater health and joy!

Our relationship to food matters. We are a society so in our heads about what we “should” or “should not” be eating that we have lost touch with our body’s natural signals of hunger and need. The amount of mental and emotional space consumed thinking about food is life-depleting. Together, you and I will work towards healing your relationship with food by learning to re-inhabit your body, understand and honor its signals, and eat intuitively.

In today’s fast-paced, “quick-fix” society, stopping to consider how we are caring for ourselves takes consciousness and commitment. Your first step is an initial consultation, where we will discuss your unique situation in depth and determine how nutrition coaching can support your goals.