A mind dedicated to compassion is like an overflowing reservoir: it is a constant source of energy, determination, and goodness…allowing us to conquer fear and anxiety.”The Dalai Lama

Why positive psychology & wellness coaching?

We are a culture always “on our way to the next thing,” suffering a silent and pervasive sense that something is missing. We are stuck on an endless treadmill of striving to do, get, and be more. Conditioned to beleive that happiness is a matter of more effort, we put in more time at the gym to lose the last five pounds, more time at work to get the promotion, and we end up no closer to the contentment and deep sense of satisfaction we desire.

Positive psychology & wellness coaching offers you the opportunity to step off the treadmill by learning the habits of attention and behavior that give rise to heartfelt positive emotion. Happiness is a skill, and through coaching you will train the states of mind and body that shift your physiology towards flourishing!

How is positive psychology different from traditional psychology?

Traditional psychology comes from a disease-model orientation, focused on remedying disorder. The analogy of pulling weeds versus growing flowers is a useful image to distinguish the approach of mainstream psychology from positive psychology. We can’t just pull weeds and expect flowers to grow. We need to fertilize the soil, plant seeds, and nourish the seeds with water and sunlight. Positive psychology is the science of the processes and practices that give rise to human flourishing.

Get excited to learn and integrate powerful tools into your life. For example, setting a daily intention to gradually change the physical structure of your brain; breathing practices to enhance self-regulation; and strengthening the prefrontal cortex-amygdala circuitry to enhance resilience and contentment.

How often should I plan to meet for coaching?

Plan to meet once a week in the beginning stages of change, as new habits of attention and behavior solidify. Over time, we will taper to meet once every two weeks. That said, coaching is a vehicle designed to move you forward, so you are in the driver’s seat. Please take into account the practical demands of your life and financial wellbeing.