Fresh Start Cleanse

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
― Hippocrates

The Fresh Start Cleanse is about more than just food. Over the course of 21 days, you will join a group of committed individuals to transform your relationship to food and establish the habits of thought and self-care that will support you for a lifetime of vibrant health.

Phase 1 – Purify & Reboot

During Phase 1 you will:

  • Have your first small group coaching session with Kayleigh to set your goals and receive your Fresh Start Cleanse binder filled with recipes, journal prompts, wellness tools, and lifestyle suggestions.
  • Chomp away on the delicious whole foods you know – things like blueberries, kale, chicken and rice.
  • Learn about the most powerfully detoxifying foods available and sure fire strategies to get them into your diet.
  • Eliminate inflammatory foods and potential allergens (wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, corn) to experience how your system functions at it’s best!
  • Practice positive psychology tools to transform your habits of thought. Get ready to experience true engagement, meaning and joy everyday.

Phase 2 – Balance & Maintain

During Phase 2 you will:

  • Receive support through daily emails and weekly group coaching meetings
  • Begin to systematically re-introduce foods and use a food/mood journal to monitor your body’s response
  • Identify the foods that heal and the foods that harm your unique body
  • Learn key nutrition principles for a lifetime of good health – it’s about balance not deprivation.

This cleanse is designed to help you:

  • Unlock and restart your metabolism to lose stubborn weight
  • Gently detoxify and heal your body with whole foods
  • Neutralize your PH levels
  • Balance your hormones
  • Eliminate cravings
  • Identify potential food sensitivities
  • Experience radically improved energy, mental clarity, and emotional well-being
  • Receive personalized wellness coaching and the support you need to succeed!