Private Coaching

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.”
— Plutarch

Positive Psychology & Wellness Coaching is a partnership designed to move you towards optimal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing by making step-by-step changes to your habits of attention and behavior, at a pace that is elevating and sustainable for your lifestyle.

Individual coaching typically takes place over the course of six months, meeting once a week in the earlier phases of change and once every two weeks in the later stages of change, as your new mental skills and daily practices solidify.

Together, we will develop the key inner strengths and capacities needed to flourish:


Over the course of six-months, you will:

  • Develop mindfulness + inhabit your life with presence
  • Learn the skills of mental resilience + reduce stress
  • Explore your values + discover your deepest source of motivation
  • Identify your strengths + craft a life dedicated to who you are at your best
  • Train the compassion systems in the brain + relate to yourself with greater kindness & wisdom
  • Understand how food and exercise affect your physiology to increase energy + improve mood
  • Enhance willpower + reach your goals
  • Cultivate a way of life that supports your most authentic, vibrant self!

When you buy an electronic gadget, it comes with a detailed “user manual” to optimize functioning. As human beings, we come into the world with a brain and nervous system wired for survival and reproduction, not happiness and wellbeing. Coaching gives you the “user manual” we all need to skillfully navigate the complexities of human life and build lives ripe with presence, vitality, health, and peace.

Your first step is an initial consultation, where we will discuss where you are with your wellbeing, how the coaching relationship can support your future flourishing, and begin taking the first steps.