Recorded Meditations

“Science verifies that when we cultivate compassion and mindful awareness in our lives—when we let go of judgments and attend fully to the present—we are harnessing the social circuits of the brain that enable us to transform even our relationship with our own self.” Dr. Daniel J. Siegel


Mindfulness Practice: Coming Home to Here

(11 minutes)


Mindfulness Meditation with Instructions

(20 minutes)


Affectionate Breathing

(13 Minutes)



(17 minutes)


Self-Compassion & Loving-Kindness

(11 minutes)


Working with Difficult Emotions in the Body: Soften, Sooth & Allow

(15 minutes)


Compassionate Visitor

(11 minutes)


Surfing a Craving

(5 minutes)


Willpower Pause

(9 minutes)


Resting in Equinamity

(16 Minutes)


Compassionate Body Scan

(20 Minutes)


Relaxation Response

(17 Minutes)


Gratitude Practice

(10 Minutes)